My kids surprise me sometimes

My boys volunteered, yes volunteered, to be in the kids Christmas program at church. I didn’t force them, or beg them, or bribe them even though I was one of the directors of the program. They volunteered on their own because it meant they could hang out with friends, and they didn’t have to memorize any lines. Am I disappointed that there wasn’t a spiritual reason for them to volunteer? Nope! I want them participating, willingly, in church, and I know the maturity will come.

The next thing they volunteered for was a skit, or really an interpretive dance, that went through the story of the life of Christ. They participated with about 12 others in the youth group to perform this amazing story. They put in the practice and worked with others, and understood the major events in the life of Jesus. It was beautiful! Not a dry eye in the room!

I sat there proud of my boys. I sat there in awe of what they had just presented, collectively as a group. I was amazed at their expressions and timing, and what these teenagers had lovingly represented through song.

As parents, we have prayed over our boys. We have instructed and guided them in truths from the Bible. Others have invested their time and love into our boys. And for 6 minutes last night, we saw the fruit of that investment. We saw that gentle reminder from God that everything will work out, that they are good boys growing into amazing young men. A reminder that they are truly in God’s hands and things will be okay…no matter how these teen years roll out in front of us. God is in control.

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