Christmas is the same day every year

If my siblings are reading this, they are groaning right now. The words above have come out of my father’s mouth a time or two. We groan because he’s right, we groan because we know we are still going to be late with sending our gifts.

This day did not sneak up on us. It’s December 25th every year, no matter what day of the week it falls on. That’s our deadline for gifts, cards, and parties. Can you do any of these things after December 25th? Of course! But are they really for Christmas, or are they for the New Year?

It is up to us to manage our own time. It is up to us to set our daily, weekly, and monthly priorities and goals. We should not let time manage us. This happens when we over commit ourselves.

I admitted to my husband on Friday night that I had over committed myself for things this coming week. I did this to myself by not saying NO, I did this to myself by not signing up for simpler items, and I did this to myself so I will fulfill my commitments. I talked it out, and came up with a plan. He helped me consider curveballs that may come at me this week, so I am prepared with a plan B if necessary.

I will not let busyness be an excuse to fulfill my commitments. I will not let busyness be an excuse to not go after my goals. Busy people get things done. It’s crunch time! I will be patient and kind, I will offer grace to others, and I will choose joy in my circumstances.

The good news for me is that I don’t have to mail my gifts to my dad. We will deliver them ourselves when we go visit him…after Christmas. Yes, I see the irony in my statement, but this is how we balance.

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