I’ve come a long way…but still have further to go

Last night, my husband took me Christmas shopping for clothes. I rarely shop for clothes without him since he wears his likes or dislikes in the expression on his face. I walk out of the store with clothes I love and he says looks good on me… we are both happy.

However, the shopping process, the trying on of clothes plays with my mind! Why do they have to use the lighting they use?! It is not flattering! And don’t even get me started on full length mirrors! I look at my reflection, and see every imperfection… in bad lighting! I know, I know, in order to see how clothes fit, you need a full length mirror, but that does not mean that I have to like them.

Last night, everything I tried on fit perfectly! I was able to go down a size in jeans! Did mention I found jeans that fit perfectly. In women language, that means it’s a miracle!

So while I’m seeing my imperfections in one moment, I see my success in the next moment! I can choose to focus on my imperfections, or I can choose to find joy in my success. I choose joy!

I’m not in denial of my imperfections. I know that I have a long way to go, but I choose to celebrate in the journey. I must find the joy in each step to find the motivation to continue! I choose joy in how far I’ve come, and I keep working towards the next goal!

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