Today We Shop, Bake and Wrap

It’s 3 days before Christmas, and this determined hustle girl has a lot to do! This morning we are shopping! This afternoon I’ll do some baking with the boys. Tonight I’ll wrap! Thank goodness I have the energy for all this!

This time of year, the hustle and bustle does crazy things to different people! Some people thrive on the energy and others collapse under the weight and stress of it all! Every year, we say that next year, we will do things differently. We won’t wait until the last minute, we will do less, we will make things more meaningful.

Last week a friend and I were discussing the activities that usually come in December. We focus on what event is next. We don’t think about next week, we only think about tomorrow. We are in survival mode.

Personally, I don’t like living in survival mode. I am naturally a planner but when they holidays hit that all seems to out the window. This next year I truly will commit to putting specific tasks on my to do list starting in September. If I strategically plan out September, October and the first half of November, I could handle the little things that come up during December with grace!

However I must get through 2018 first! So I will wear my happy patch and focus in the next thing! Shopping then lunch, and then we will go from there! Of course, I need to give a shout out to my hubby for hanging in there with me… while wearing his own happy patch!

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