Begin as you mean to go on…

These words popped into my head this morning. Why, because my new beginning starts today! A lot of people use January 1st as a new beginning. However, when you quit your full time job on December 21st, you do not have the luxury of waiting another week. So today, I start my new routine.

Now this routine is a work in progress. I know I have certain things I want to get accomplished each day. I want to rise early to avoid interruptions. I want to exercise at the gym 5-6 times a week. I want to read or listen to personal development every day. I want to write a blog daily. Then, I must work my business daily! The work in progress comes from the finesse of this daily routine….what works on normal week days may not work while the boys are home on winter break. However, it all must get done!

This is where determination comes in. I have big goals. I have big dreams. I am determined to hustle has long and as hard has possible to accomplish them. You see, no one but myself can make these dreams come true. Time to go to work!

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