What ifs?

What are your thoughts on dwelling on the What Ifs in life? There are teachings that you should NEVER dwell on them; you should just focus on putting in the work. There are other teachings that you should ALWAYS consider the What ifs; if you can dream it then you can achieve it (Walt Disney).

Here are my thoughts. If you are dwelling in the past and considering the What ifs, then yes, you must let it go. However if you are thinking about the What ifs for the future, then dream away! The What ifs for the the future will motivate you, challenge you, and give you ideas to move forward.

What if you were made for more? What if you crawled out of your comfort zone and pursued a dream? What if you didn’t let your current career define you? What if you didn’t let the opinions of others guide you in your dreams? What if you turned your dreams into reality?

I dream big. I am determined to turn my dreams into reality. I will continue to think about the What ifs…and let them turn my life into something amazing!

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