Dorothy and Her Ruby Slippers

If you’re anything like me, you grew up watching the Wizard of Oz. Most of us have watched it so many times, we can recite lines from the movie by heart. However, did we really listen or understand the message in the movie? As a kid, probably not, but what about as an adult? Rachel Hollis made a comment during the her documentary Made For More Encore, that had me evaluating the themes within the movie.

After reaching Oz, Dorthy takes a journey. During that journey she meets friends along the way. Those friends have her back! Those friends start their own journey with her. Each have their own goals, but they are on the same path. Intelligence(a brain), Life (a heart), Courage, and Love (going home). Along this journey, they go up against those who are trying to sabotage their goal, and those that encourage their goals, but they fight through it all to continue their journey. Their GOALS were big enough to fight for and continue.

In the end, with each other’s help and encouragement, they succeed! Dorthy learns her pathway home was really her ruby slippers. She learned- You’ve always had the power all along. She needed the obstacles on her journey, the friends she met on the way, and the successes of each battle to learn she had the POWER.

What obstacles are you facing on your journey? Is your goal big enough for you to continue to fight through it all? Do you have people that ridicule or bully you for your decisions? Who is there to encourage you through each step on the path?

I have friends and family who do not support me. I’m sure it is out of love in an effort to protect me from failure. However, they need to see that I am DETERMINED to succeed. I have to battle my own mind when it comes to my physical journey…no one can put in the work at the gym except me. My goal to help others live the life they deserve, physically and/or financially, is true and pure. My joy and passion for others is contagious, and it will spread like a ripple in the water!

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