When Dreams become a Burden

We have a dream, we make a goal, we set about the activity to make it all come true, but somehow during the process we become overwhelmed. Let’s talk about when dreams become a burden.

Some can say that we are distracted. Some will say that you just have to push through. Some will say to avoid the drama or the person causing the drama. Some will say you can’t worry about it and to just focus.

However, what if it’s family? What if it’s not just drama, but real life issues interfering into your day? What if it’s your marriage you need to work on? What if it’s one of your kids? These are real life burdens!

How do you deal with all of this and still focus on your dreams? You still want to achieve your goal, but you must take care of life too. Your activity for your goals then becomes another burden that you must take of too.

I feel like when you are dealing with real life issues, you must consider adjusting your timeline. God gave you a dream and the desire to achieve that goal, but maybe it’s not supposed to happen in the next 6 months…maybe it will happen within the next year. You must evaluate the timeline of dealing with the life issues, and then re-evaluate your goal deadline. Can you still work a little towards your goal instead of full speed while dealing with the issue?

One thing I would advise against if allowing yourself to have a pity party; set a timer if needed. I know you feel like you’re giving something up, that you are giving up on your dreams, but you aren’t really… It’s just postponed a little. Keep that vision or goal in front of you at all times to remind yourself that your dream is still there no matter what you are facing. Let it help you to focus, deal with, and get past the issues in a timely or faster manner. After all, you have a dream and you were made for more!

And for my friend who is currently dealing with real life burdens, you know who you are. God has made you strong! He has made you strong for your family, your husband, your personal life, and your business goals! He will help you during this time of postponement. He will give you the desire and ability to get through this and to move on to bigger and better things! Just think how your experience will be able to help others, how your patience will be an inspiration to others, and how much joy you will find in the end! Postpone, but don’t wait forever. You were made for more!

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