As a follow up to watching Rachel Hollis’ Made for More Encore, I am covering one of the 5 steps to success each day. The last step addresses Habits!

Have you ever identified your regular habits? Rachel states that we need to identify all of the habits in our daily routine, and then identify if they are good or bad. What is the purpose in this, to get rid of the bad habits of course!

We want our good habits to be strong and second nature to us…like brushing our teeth. We would not go a day without brushing our teeth, and we want our other good habits to be just as strong. I want the habit of working out to be just as strong as my habit to brush my teeth.

Bad habits then need to go away! We know this, but yet, what do we actually do about it? I have a bad habit of getting on social media way too much. I want to be more intentional with my time, I have goals to achieve, and scrolling through Facebook isn’t intentional nor money making.

I will focus on my bad habits so that I can change my behavior. I need 30 days to begin a good habit. I need to focus on the intention of my time, the determination of achieving my goals, without losing track and being buried under a bad habit. My mind is right, now my body needs to follow!

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