Showing Appreciation

Yesterday morning I had the privilege to deliver 16 dozen homemade cookies for the staff at the junior high school! πŸͺ

The entire time my boys have been in school, I have been a working mom away from the home. I’ve always sent my bribe gifts and extra supplies when asked, but never have I been able to participate in something to this scale. I would not have been able to give enough time at night to bake and pack that many cookies! Extra time in my schedule just didn’t exist. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

Now, when asked to participate in things during the day, I have the flexibility to do so! My #sidehustle allows me to work the time I allow and provides the extra money to participate! ❀

#wwjh #gowildcats #tisd #showinglove #homemade #premiumlifestyle #flexibility #options #entrepreneurlife #womenhelpingwomen #wahm #rippleofblessings #howsoccermomsmovecookies

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