Your Surroundings

This past Thursday night, a friend and I went to see Rachel Hollis’ documentary, Made for More Encore at the movie theater. The documentary shows a touch of what she covers at her annual conferences. It was followed by 30 minutes of training. I took notes of the 5 things that she considers important to lead a successful life… (I’m sure I’ll get corrections on this, but I was writing too fast.) I’m going to take one of the items a day to address and apply.

Take care of your house – your surroundings

Ugh! You mean I have to clean?! You mean I need to de-clutter? You mean I need to make my bed every day. End of discussion…I’m not doing it!!

Not really! I am determined to do what I need to do to be successful. It is hard to to be stress free when you are surrounded by clutter! It is hard to focus on the details, when you are shuttering your eyes away from craziness that has become your home and work space.

So that means I need to come up with a plan of attack. I’ve already organized my office..although I still have a few things to complete and finish out my Christmas wrapping area. My office stores my inventory for one business, my wrapping paper and ribbon for every holiday, and my new cricut machine. It’s where I plan, organize, write, and work. My laptop is set up on the work table top too. I would like to finish getting items up on the walls.

My kitchen needs to attacked though!! I need to clean out the fridge and the freezer. I need to clean out and organize the pantry. I need to get rid of the paper off of the bar area. This really needs to get done within the next 2 days while I can still get my boys to help cart out the trash. It is crazy how we can work around and walk past the clutter daily, weekly and monthly without doing anything about it. My husband loves when I have a party planned, because it’s the one time he knows the kitchen will be spotless!! LOL

My bedroom doesn’t need to whole lot of work, but I do still have luggage sitting out from when we went to Cabo on our Lifestyle getaway…in October! We unpacked, just didn’t actually put the luggage away…who else is with me on this? I can’t be the only one! I don’t have stuff all over the floor or laundry piled everywhere…just stupid stuff that needs to be put away!

So I’m putting this all out there…so I can be held accountable for my surroundings. I want success, and with a little bit of work, I can completely focus on my goals, without having clutter hanging over my head like cloud!

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