Following watching Rachel Hollis’ Made for More Encore last week, I am covering the 5 items to success that she covered in her training at the end.

What is your Community like? Who are the 5 people that you spend the most time with on a regular basis? Are you the smartest person in your group? Think sincerely on who you surround yourself with on a regular basis.

Are you surrounding yourself with positive, like-minded people? What does like-minded mean? For me, it means someone that applies Christian principles, someone who wants to work hard for their goals, someone who is kind and thoughtful of others, someone who continues to learn, and someone who doesn’t let other people’s opinions get in the way of going after their dreams.

Rachel says that Proximity is Power. If you are surrounding yourself with negative people, then you will be negative. If you are surrounding yourself with people that are lazy sloughs, then you will become lazy. If you surround yourself with positive, determined, hardworking people then you will run after your goals too!

Do you need to clean out the negative, lazy people from your life. Most likely the answer is yes! If they are family, that may not be so easy, but you can limit the amount of time they can influence over you. I’ve had to this myself, and quite frankly, I’m glad that I did! Through prayer and personal development, I’ve become more confident, more courageous, and more determined to grow spiritual and mentally. And the people that I surround myself with encourage me to go for it all! Find your tribe!!

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