Thinking about Quitting?

Why is it that when something gets hard, our first instinct is to quit? πŸ€”
New exercise routine gets hard, quit.
New diet gets hard, quit.
New project gets hard, quit.
Relationship gets hard, quit.
Job gets hard, quit.

However, we can look our kid in the eye, and tell him to keep going! That’s what practice is for! You only need to build up your endurance! You can do it!

I guess it’s time to start listening to our own words! Yes, I can do it…keep going!😍 I am determined to continue after my dreams!


Hang on. Let me overthink this…πŸ’­

Why do we get caught in this trap of indecision?! We think about the possibilities, we think about the positives, then we think about the negatives. We dwell on each item like it’s a checklist in our mind. πŸ™„

What if we just stop and pray? Ask God to provide the answer we are seeking….and then make the decision! We must have faith that God is big enough to provide for the good decisions and a way out of the bad decisions. After all, He walks with us each step of the way! πŸ™

Most importantly, we must work on developing ourselves! Study the Bible and learn what God has to say. Read books to grow your capabilities! And then you can learn to lean on your intuition! ❀

Serve Others

Do you have a place to serve others? It’s important!

I feel if everyone does something, one person (or a few) won’t have to do everything! πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ

I know with our busy schedules, we start having the mentality that someone else will step up to help. God has called us all to serve, and in most cases it’s not hard!

A little time, a little effort, can make a huge difference in a person’s life. Just start somewhere! ❀


Be quick to anger, and so will they.

Yell, and so will they.

Complain, and so will they.

Play, and so will they.

Listen, encourage and support, and so will they.

Sing, dance and laugh, and so will they.

Be kind and compassionate, and so will they.

When you look at your child, you are looking in the mirror.

And when one of your teenagers wants to take a picture with you, you grab your opportunity! ❀


Leadership is like compound interest! Each day of development compounds on the day before as you learn and apply!

So, what did you do yesterday to strengthen your leadership ability? What are you doing today to continue to grow? πŸ€”

It’s time to invest in yourself, and then in return, invest in your team! Develop your own leadership style, and it will pay off in the future! ❀

Don’t Point Out Flaws

Public Service Announcement: Don’t point out other people’s flaws in order to sell them something! It’s just rude. No one wants to buy anything from a rude person.

I know, I know, you have something to help them. You are just trying to help, because you care! I understand that, but until they care enough to help themselves, it doesn’t matter! They also could have accepted the flaw as part of who they are naturally.

See, that was me 3 years ago. I’ve been overweight most of my life. I didn’t need anyone to point that fact out to me. I’m smart, I can read and study for myself the dangers of being overweight, and the solutions for how to lose weight. However, I didn’t care, nor was I motivated to change.

Then we moved 3 years ago. I was tired and exhausted from the process of moving, and yet still had to be a wife, mom, and employee. I would come home from work, and if I sat down, I didn’t want to get back up! Yet, my boys, in effort to fit in and make new friends, tried out for select soccer. Of course, I wanted them to make the team and achieve their goals and dreams… but I was the one stuck taking them to soccer practice 4 nights a week! I didn’t want to go to the grocery store, and I certainly didn’t want to cook, so we ate out all of the time!

My husband was picking up the slack in my failings, yet I was resentful of him having all the “fun” with the boys. I felt like I had become a spectator in my own life while everyone was living life around me! My husband kept asking, what is wrong, and I would look at him like he was crazy for not being able to figure it out!

I knew something had to change, and that change had to start with me! I was finally ready for something different, and no pushing or prodding by others could force me to make that change. It was up to me!

For the last 3 years, I’ve taken the baby steps necessary to make positive changes in my life. Through personal development, I’ve learned, over time, that the only person I have control of is me, and I needed to be in control… not time demands, not food, and not others. I’ve gained my health back. I’ve got energy to go to the gym, cook, and interact with others, even after a long day.

Through watching others, I found help, gently… not a quick fix, but a lifestyle change. True change, on my timing, with God’s help. I’m participating in life again, and I’m finding joy in the journey. I’m excited about changes for the future! I’m a very different person than I was 3 years ago, and I can’t wait to see what the next 3 years bring! The next changes for me are giant leaps; baby steps are no longer enough!

Parenting is Hard

Yes, there are self help books on parenting, but there is no instruction manual on raising each of your kids. Let’s face it, personalities are different in each child, and must be handled differently.

I struggle at times with each of my boys. One is like me, the other like my husband. Both are still learning, and both are not like either of us. What do I mean by that? My husband and I have reached a level of maturity and responsibility that help us to control both our emotions and our words… most if the time. My boys, not so much. It’s our job to teach them, but quite frankly it is like talking to a wall at times.

The maturest of our boys, has a sense of responsibility, is organized at home and at school, is kind and caring of others, but has a stubbornness so deep that I have no idea where he gets it from. It especially runs deep if he feels he has been unjustly accused of something. We saw it all the way back in the 1st grade when he refused to move his carpet square away from his friends when the teacher caught them talking. He refused, and after scolding him and requiring him to move his “color” on the behavior scale to red, it took a phone call to mom, to get him to comply. We saw it again last night when he blamed his brother for something that was an accident and was reprimanded to blaming. He still does not agree with the reprimand even today. This led to another talk about respect… and what the Bible has to say about it too.

We see too often in today’s society where someone is always to blame. We blame others for our decisions or mistakes, our backgrounds, our lack of futures, and even our lot in life. We try to hold on and teach further our motto that This Family Believes in Personal Responsibility.

Personal responsibility is hard sometimes. It’s hard to apologize and it’s hard at times to forgive. God’s grace is enough for us, and therefore we must extend grace to others too. We also have to give ourselves grace because we are not perfect, and we mess up sometimes. We also must remember that accidents happen, and no one is to blame. We’re to pick up the pieces and clean up the mess, and then learn from our experience. It’s how we mature and grow.

My boys are 12 and 13. They still have a ways to go to develop into mature young men. However, we keep working towards progress as parents, and we know they will get there… eventually. In the meantime, we pray!