Balance vs Rythm

What do the following have in common:
Big Foot
Loch Ness Monster
Balance in Life

They have all been fabled to be true! 不

Why do we believe still look for balance in life? Balance between work and family在etween expectation and reality在etween free time and to do lists在etween hustle and self care在etween health and wellness.

We must find a rthymn to life. Maybe that means having something to look forward to during the crazy, busy times. Prepare for the upcoming week during the weekend reviewing meetings and appointments, meal planning, and making sure everything is covered. Time block what is important so you can adjust for emergencies.

When we let go of the illusion of balance, we can find our rhythm. I’m thankful for the premium nutrition that give me the energy to just keep going! Message me if you need help!

Deep Breath

I had to take a 嫖算算 猾算嗯 this morning.丹儭

When plans don’t go correctly, or another’s lack or delay of decision creates chaos for your morning, its easy to say the first thing that comes to mind. But those words are not always useful or helpful to the situation. 仄儭

School was canceled this morning due to potential flooding from Tropical Storm Beta夷t was canceled after I had already dropped off the boys at school. It would be easy to become a keyboard warrior and blast the district for it’s lack of early action, but those words from me would not be useful or helpful. Instead, I am thankful that we are now all home safe and dry, and school will continue online.

A 嫖算算 猾算嗯 and 嗤花 can go a long way!

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Back in the Gym

Yes! I’m back at the gym.

This journey is hard. Nutrition, diet and exercise are the 3 keys needed for success in my health journey.

Oh, and let’s add mindset! I’m determined to be persistent in this part of the journey too!

Anyone want to join me?

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Do you remember when cell phones came out? Living in Texas, I was happy with my plan that covered the entire state. In other words, as long as I stayed in Texas, I had “free” calls, but if I left the state, it was changed to ROAMING and I was charged a premium!

This still applies to my life – ROAMING costs a premium!
When I roam away from God, my life gets hard! 丹儭
When I roam away from my routine in business, the premium cost is high with a lack of income.
When I roam away from my personal relationships, the cost is encouragement or even personal development.
Roaming away from my weightloss goals, the premium cost is pounds or inches.

ROAMING costs you a premium in your life. Are you willing to pay the price? 蛤


You want success, but you don’t want to practice until it’s perfect.
You want success, but you don’t want to put in the hard work.
You want success, but you’re afraid of failure.
You want success, but you’re always jumping around from opportunity to opportunity.
You want success, but all you really want to do is quit trying.

You must be willing to correct your mindset and have a meeting in the mirror. Success comes the willingness to work for these qualities吉O SHORT CUTS ALLOWED.返

Be Willing to Fail

I’m not much of a basketball fan, but I am a fan of hard work and dedication. After doing some research on Kobe Bryant’s work, I can see that he was truly dedicated to his passion, and put in the hard work required to be one of the greatest.

You have to be willing to fail in order to succeed. You have to be willing to get back up and start again地nd again地nd again. You have to find your passion of helping others and use it as the motivation to continue. You have to be willing to put in the hard work!

Check your Pride

坡ou will choose to be thankful or unthankful.
吐ecognize or over look blessings.
再cknowledge kindness or ignore it.
坡ou decide whether you are ungrateful or grateful.
Whether you are a whiner or worshiper!

Well. you dont know what Ive been through! #STOP That is a VICTIM mentality!! #CheckYourPride

Stop looking back, forgive your past and pursue your destiny!!

Only YOU are responsible for your choices.
Make that obstacle your testimony!!

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Work Habit

Can I be real for a moment?

When I was in the water industry, I had a killer work habit. I knew how to sit down and get things done! I could produce the reports, the invoices, the work orders. whatever was needed, and be successful. I was on time to meetings and knew how to follow up!

Working from home? Well that’s another story佞丹儭

This month, I am concentrating on a daily schedule, a routine that works for me and produces! This is WAR to get me back into production and success!
Woman Anchored in Routine

I WILL create that killer work habit that I know is necessary for me to succeed!

Let me know if you’re struggling with this too. I would love to encourage you and help be accountable!