Balance vs Rythm

What do the following have in common:
Big Foot
Loch Ness Monster
Balance in Life

They have all been fabled to be true! 不

Why do we believe still look for balance in life? Balance between work and family在etween expectation and reality在etween free time and to do lists在etween hustle and self care在etween health and wellness.

We must find a rthymn to life. Maybe that means having something to look forward to during the crazy, busy times. Prepare for the upcoming week during the weekend reviewing meetings and appointments, meal planning, and making sure everything is covered. Time block what is important so you can adjust for emergencies.

When we let go of the illusion of balance, we can find our rhythm. I’m thankful for the premium nutrition that give me the energy to just keep going! Message me if you need help!

New Creation- You!

Transformation Tuesday! Take a step today towards your new creation!

It could be a change in your mentality.building that mental muscle to overcome hard things.

It could be a physical change安orking out and following your diet regularly instead of haphazardly.

I could be a financial change圯xploring new options to create a residual income that helps you pay off debt or invest in your future.

Make the effort today! And I am always here to help!

Natural VS Consistency

You’re a natural speaker守m no, I’m passionate about what I have to say, but I had to practice just how to say it where others could understand.

You’re a natural salesperson守m no, I learned about my products, I use my products, and I share my products because I know they will help others.

You’re naturally an encouraging, motitivating person守m well, I invest in personal development and pray that God uses me in such a way.

My point, things don’t always come natural, but through coaching and consistently putting in the practice, they begin to become second nature.

Back in the Gym

Yes! I’m back at the gym.

This journey is hard. Nutrition, diet and exercise are the 3 keys needed for success in my health journey.

Oh, and let’s add mindset! I’m determined to be persistent in this part of the journey too!

Anyone want to join me?

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Who are you Surrounded By?

Woah!!! Insane reality by my friend!

I just graduated college with $100,000 in debt, but cant get a job that remotely pays my debt yeah, people clap, celebrate, and even hug you.

I just got a loan for $400,000 to buy my first home, that you really cant afford, yeah people clap, celebrate, and even hug you.

I just got a loan for $40,000 for a new car, drive off the lot and the value decreases $10,000尖eah people clap celebrate and even hug you.

Thats $540,000 in total debt most people are living in (add a few hundred thousand for those living in Southern California), but they are feeling good about it because they are being celebrated for it.

Now, go tell those same people you invested a couple hundred dollars to start your own business

Whoa, are you sure? 儭
What are you going to do if it doesnt work?儭
Umm.. I dont think those things really work儭
Do you think you can get your money back?儭
I dont believe in those things (i.e i dont believe in you)! 儭

Picture a bucket full of crabs with no lid the crabs never escape the bucket. The moment a crab tries to get out of the bucket, the other crabs pull it back down.

Pay attention to who you are surrounding yourself with and who is speaking into your life!!!

I jumped out of the bucket. I grabbed as many people that would hold on and took them with me! We are a tribe over 60 strong and weve never looked back.

塚Im sure!
塚The products speak for themselves.
塚Ive built a residual income
塚my business of free to join and free to run!
塚believing in MYSELF was all it took!

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You are Enough

Maybe the only reason you think youre not good enough is because youre letting other people define your worth.


You are more than enough.
You always have been.
Youve just been lost for a little while.
Welcome back.

YOU are beautifully & wonderfully made.
Youre not perfect.. but who is?

Stop letting people define you.
Stop letting people determine your worth.
Stop people pleasing.
Let that weight off your shoulders.
Just love them. Everybody. Always.

Be undeniably Y O U
Be uniquely Y O U

God has made beautiful things地nd He also made you. 歹


Do you remember when cell phones came out? Living in Texas, I was happy with my plan that covered the entire state. In other words, as long as I stayed in Texas, I had “free” calls, but if I left the state, it was changed to ROAMING and I was charged a premium!

This still applies to my life – ROAMING costs a premium!
When I roam away from God, my life gets hard! 丹儭
When I roam away from my routine in business, the premium cost is high with a lack of income.
When I roam away from my personal relationships, the cost is encouragement or even personal development.
Roaming away from my weightloss goals, the premium cost is pounds or inches.

ROAMING costs you a premium in your life. Are you willing to pay the price? 蛤